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Physical Therapy

One of the biggest differences between Action Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine and other physical therapy services is our dedication to one-on-one, hands-on care and the best results possible. Here, we use manual methods to relieve your pain and improve your function quickly and safely. Faster pain relief means fewer visits. It also means getting you back to your job, your sport, your family – faster. Conditions we treat at Action Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine include:

Pre and Postsurgical Rehab

Back pain & neck (cervical) pain

Joint replacement Therapy

Headaches/ Migraines

Sports injuries

Shoulder/Elbow Pain

Knee (ACL, MCL, meniscus) injuries

Shoulder (rotator cuff, impingement) problems

Arthritis, bursitis & tendonitis

Work-related injuries

Strains, sprains & fractures

Metabolic Syndromes


Foot/Ankle Injuries

Pediatric conditions



Foot/Ankle Injuries

Pediatric conditions


Action Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine offers a sports performance program to help you compete at your highest potential.  The staff at Action PT will provide you with a biomechanical assessment of your neck, back, arms, and legs.  We will give you a customized program focusing on areas to improve your strength, flexibility, and range of motion.  We are dedicated to providing you with the most effective sports performance program to allow you to compete at your highest level.

Injury Prevention

At Action Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, we specialize in identifying faulty mechanics in your arms and legs.  Performing with faulty mechanics can lead to an increase risk for having a seroius injury.  Our injury prevention program can retrain your body to move in the correct patterns to reduce the chance of injury.  Each athlete is put through a dynamic assessment to identify any problem areas.  Athletes are given an individualized program targeting any abnormality or problem they may have.  Our injury prevention program consist of:

acl prevention program

rotator cuff prevention program


Whether you want to lower your score, increase distance to your drive, improve your golf game, or play golf pain free, FIT 2 The Tee golf fitness and performance programs can help you reach that goal!

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